Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Out With the Old (Goals)

I have a ton of possible posts. I'll get to them. When I feel like it (still rebelling...). But in order for me to actually accomplish what I WANTED to on the blog today, I'm going to add a bookend to last year and start another shelf... and to do that, I'm finalizing my goals for 2012. I stuck with them all year. That is something I'm quite proud of. I kept track of my goals in a notebook, and that was amazing. It kept my progress on each goal I set in one place.

Each goal had 2 pages for me to track, and by the end, it was FULL. :c) Sometimes the entry only said "On hold. Working on others." And that was okay. Sometimes there's a ton of progress posted on a goal. Clearly, that was okay, too. Some goals morphed from their original form, but stayed relatively the same. Others were bumped the whole time (like FHE. It just wasn't right. It hadn't clicked yet. I learned this year that if something doesn't click, don't stress. Eventually, it will.)

My First goal was food storage. I wanted to grow a garden, and I did. I LOVE gardening. Tell that to my teenage self! I actually created a working rotation system (and I'm still using it now). That was a huge accomplishment. I can't explain what was different. It just... clicked (see? when it finally clicks, it's amazing), it took me 9 months too long, but I even rotated the water! We are living off of my home-grown produce mostly, and let me tell you, after those jars sat there for 2 years untouched because of a faulty rotation system, it's pretty intimidating to see so many jars get empty. I don't think my garden's big enough...

My goal to take better care of myself progressed, but as you're well aware, that was pretty tough this year. I'm still learning how to put myself in a priority status. I was really good at it in October. And then, guess what? Sickness hit the hardest and I gave up. I have learned a lot about the human body, though. I learned I LOVE running, I learned I feel amazingly better when I MAKE myself drink water, and that if I don't make myself, I don't get any water. I started taking probiotics, and I avoid processed food like the plague that it is. I won't call this goal a success, but I will call it progress, and honestly, that's the whole point in setting goals.

My goal for self-discovery has made huge leaps and bounds, but not necessarily in the way I expected. I worked on my "Me" project, shared it with the young women, made tons of awesome worksheets (and didn't share them with my blog... some day?). But I think the most growth in self-discovery happened on accident. It was realizing that I'm okay. It was the realization that day by day, effort by effort, I am worth something. I can't tell you what helped me learn this. I guess it's been slowly coming since 2009, when my life changed. And I know I'm still learning. I still have huge holes in my character. I might never figure it all out. But that's okay, too. I'll keep learning.

My goal to help my daughter in school took a HUGE twist. And I never explained that one, either (man! you guys should all pull up a cushion on my huge couch, I'll never post all the things that happened this year on the blog. Maybe "occupy Keira's Couch" will happen faster?) Homeschooling really deserves a post (or 6) of its own. It was a success, but not like I expected. At any stage of the expectation. 

My goal to teach her life skills was way too easy of a success. Little did I know how much children CRAVE responsibility. I made a little chore chart, and it lasted maybe 2 months. She outgrew it that fast. Now it's just a fact of life. She folds and cares for her own laundry (although we're still struggling with the frustration of nothing to wear because she never put it down the chute - yes, chute, our house is cool), she cleans her own room, she mops and shovels whenever I let her (I haven't bothered to mention that those are chores and that I really don't like doing them. She's still under the impression that they're fun). She makes a killer PB&P sandwich (P is for Pickles... I don't get it either). Still hasn't mastered the art of making a bed. I suppose, but in fairness to her, up until now she's only had a bunk bed and it was a pain. Now she's got a regular, ground-level twin, so I guess it's time to make that a responsibility. 

My goal for Family Home Evening didn't click. It's on the goal wrap this year. It'll happen. It just has to click. And not exhaust me when I have no energy. I think I know how I'd like it to go, and that will make a huge difference. Look out, because I'm planning on re-vamping this one. 

My goal to save money? Well, does anyone want to buy a house that's underwater? Please? We've switched jobs (blech) right before unemployment was our only option (which was a miracle, so I shouldn't complain). We've paid our bills. We've survived on our own two feet. We've even paid off a learning-experience debt that we'll never collect again. But that's all the progress we've made. Honestly, this has been the most frustrating goal, so it's not on 2013's list. I can't handle making a goal when everyone else wants our money. 

My goal for completing unfinished projects is ... unfinished. :cP But I've added it to this year's goals, and given myself a purpose and a deadline, so I'm hoping for improvement. I have also given myself permission to just throw away unfinished projects I'm not interested in finishing, so that will help too. I'm at least happy with the organization I'm finding (yes, still finding) in my craft room. I've spent countless hours on Google and Pinterest (much more on Pinterest, lately. Google's gotten pretty trashy), looking for organizational ideas that don't cost much. Mostly, I've liked what I found. When I actually get it arranged, I'll share an after shot... Since the before shot was forever ago.

My goal to blog... well... um... I did compile blogs, though. And I do like the layout of this blog MUCH better. It'll happen. When I'm not crazy. I've carried it on to 2013, too. Just not as adamantly. I think it'll fall into place. 

I did accomplish my Personal Progress goal. I earned my medallion as a leader (but I did every experience.  I decided that as a leader, I needed to do more than the required so that I could help the girls). It was so worth it.

My goal for completing the standard works... I progressed. But I'm still in the Old Testament. Who know it'd take more than 3 years to actually study the Old Testament? I'm almost done with Proverbs right now. The irony is, if I take a whole year to finish the rest... We'll be studying the Old Testament in Sunday School again.

And my goal to be happy? Um... I can't measure that. I was extremely grumpy at the end of '12, but I worked through it. So I'm still counting it a success.


  1. Sounds like you're doing good! Keep it up!

    1. Thank you, Kristin! You are always such a support to me! And I'll post that post for you, I promise.

  2. I could have my dad give her bed making lessons. Who says the pillows have to be straight? Great goals, I admire that you will openly blog about them.