Saturday, January 26, 2013

Taking Too Long

It's been one of those days where everything is taking too long. And it doesn't help that I've had a migraine all day. I wish there was some magic cure and I'd stop getting so sick all the time. It's like I have 5 good days, then 3 that wipe me out, then 5 good and the cycle continues. I guess I should be glad that there are more good than bad but I'm so ready to be done with this! I've been debating about sending off a hair sample to a lab that will test for every food allergy and intolerance, as well as a few genetic diseases. But I'm afraid of the results. And I know that KNOWING will be better than not knowing... But it's still scary.

But everything else took too long today, too. I have been working on making the yarn wreath, and it's not working out so well. When they say add a ton of yarn they meant it! And it's not so easy to add a ton more after the fact. And I've been trying to clean out the fonts on my computer so that maybe thing will run properly until my sweet friend who likes working on computers comes to visit and helps me get it as good as almost new (it IS seven years old...). And it's a pain to manually go in and delete fonts one at a time, especially when you have to decide which ones to delete and the ones that you really want to delete, you're somehow "not authorized" to delete them.

So here I am, at 11 o'clock, exhausted, and wishing today went better.

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