Monday, January 7, 2013


I'm studying proverbs right now (almost done) and I came across a cool quote.

James G. Duff in said,
"there is a difference between teaching and training. Teaching is causing the child to understand, training is causing the child to do. Every act performed is that much done toward fixing habits; repeated many times, the habit is established. If we train our children in the ways of the Lord,...every time they perform an act of obedience to the word and will of our Father in heaven their character becomes more firmly fixed in doing the things that God requires of them." Conference. April 1909.

I never stopped to analyze the difference in teaching and training. Isn't it much more urgent to train our children? Maybe that's the major problem nowadays. No one trains. We focus so much on teaching. And if someone tries to train, people get argumentative and demand that the child be allowed to train himself.

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