Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Valentine Inspirations

You all can be so proud of me! I've got Valentine's Day Decorations up! We're one for one, so far! I'd like to get more up, but for now, it's a start.

I found these links helpful, so I thought I'd do the bloggerly thing and pass them along. Only I'd actually give credit! (seriously! when you follow Pinterest pins back, it's really annoying how few actually link to the original source!

I'm diggin' the stylization on the quote. And I love the vintage-y wedding picture from this post and landeeseelandeedo.com. {The Pinterest link is junk. Just in case you were curious. You wont find this picture there.}   

The string wreath created from a balloon is in another language, and the picture's too big to show, but the link is here. I found the pictures helpful enough. UPDATE! The real tutorial is here by michelemademe.com. It was my favorite wreath. I just made it, and its harder than it looks. Hint: Use TONS of heavy-weight crochet thread. 

This wreath made it to the top 3, but we didn't end up picking it. It was second place for both the princess and me (our first choices were different), so since it wasn't either of our first favorites, we decided against it. But I'm sharing it in case someone else loves it. it can be found here, and it's by socraftalicious.blogspot.com.

This was not my favorite wreath, but since the whole point of enjoying the holidays was to enjoy time with my girl, and this was HER favorite, our version is currently on our front door. We didn't follow the tutorial on catchmyparty.com at all, though.

We liked the heart garland on Better Homes and Gardens, but probably wont make it. 
We also liked the window hearts from scrapbookgirl.typepad.com. I LOVE blue in Valentine's Day decor! It definitely make the pink and red less drab. 

However, this heart garland was a must for my seven-year-old. They can be found at howaboutorange.blogspot.com. {sometimes it's a good thing that pins get pinned and pinned on multiple boards, so that you can get an original source! Man is it a pain to actually want to give credit where it is due!}

This fabric garland is pretty cute, too. It's also from howaboutorange.blogspot.com.

The kid vetoed this garland. Probably because the curlie-heart garland sounded like more fun. It comes via supermommoments.com.

I probably wont get this felt garland made, although it's cute. You can buy it at Aidie's Hideaway Etsy shop.

and although the quote's kind of cliche, I like this printable from eighteen25.blogspot.com. If I wasn't out of ink, it'd already be displayed in my house... although not in such a cute frame (some day).

Otherwise, I'll do something like this from bedifferentactnormal.com.

or this. But with a different font. It's a cool garland, though. You can find it at sarahdawndesigns.blogspot.com.

Tissue poms are on the to-do list. We'll see if we get that far. They can be found at beautyandthebratwurst.com.

I really liked the idea of homemade mailboxes. The metal boxes get to be a pain, and these will be cute. You can find them at parenting.com. A better link (one from the actual owner) is found here by simplymodernmom.com.  

I might get up the courage to make these bottles. I think washi tape is kind of cheating, though... You  can find the tutorial at vixenmade.com.

I'm thinking of turning this idea from bedifferentactnormal.com into a tea towel. 

I love this idea for cupcakes! The owls are adorable. They're made by Etsy seller Parker's Flour Patch.

My girl really wants to make this wreath. I am still undecided. It's too identifiable as toilet paper rolls... But it comes from thethriftress.com. I'm hoping to use this idea instead...

or maybe this one. It's found at frugalfrontier.com

Doesn't this look fun? I know there's a way to make them, but you can also Buy 50 pre-made from Amazon. 

I picked these for the inspiration for my toe nails. The original poster is fitcraftystylishandhappy.blogspot.com.

And lastly... I just really like this picture by abiteast.typepad.com.

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