Saturday, February 2, 2013

Chain wreath

Here's a pretty easy craft! It was fun, too. All you need is a bunch of paper (the heavier weight the better, and a double-sided paper adds an extra coolness factor) and a stapler. Oh and a pinch of glue or double sided tape.

Start by cutting your paper into the desired shape. Ours are about an inch by 4 inches. then staple 2 together at the bottom, making sure that the paper you want on the outside is on the inside.

Open it up and turn it "inside out," making the heart shape. put the second heart's paper on the outside of the heart with the insides showing.

Staple it.

Continue chain to desired size. Then glue the points of the last heart into the first heart you made.

Repeat with a second chain and staple them together intermittently. Wrap a ribbon through one of the hearts.