Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Finished Projects

I've decided to spend some time in the craft room again lately. You know, like rediscover the table that always collects junk. And while I was in there, I realized I'd have a lot more room if I'd just finish a project or two. Or throw some away (just don't remind me I did it). So I grabbed the project on top of my immense to-do pile. Some odd bumper pads I've had laying around because I just knew they'd make great baby blankets. It only took about 2 hours (and most of that was picking out stitches when the tension went loopy and then I had to figure out how to fix the tension), and now I've got more blankets. They're a bit too little for a seven-year-old so as soon as she will give them up, I'll probably store them in the baby stuff taking up room in my laundry waiting for "finally."

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