Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Heart ornaments

To add to our decorations, we made some heart... ornament... thingies to hang from our ledge above our bay window. They turned out super cute.

If you'd like to make them too, you'll need some paper, some things to decorate them with (stickers or paper punch-outs, or whatever you decide to use), some double-sided tape, and some ribbon.

cut out a bazillion hearts. Okay, really only as many as you'd like in groups of 4. We used 2 different sizes of hearts, made a model out of one piece of paper, then cut the rest out from that model. It's easiest to fold the paper in on itself so that the print is facing itself, and then cut out half hearts. It makes them more symmetrical, which comes in handy, believe me! And the folds need to be there anyway. It's win-win.

Next, take 2 hearts and open them up, stick double-sided tape on the back side of one of the loops, and match the hearts up together so that the tape holds them into place. Repeat for the other hearts until you've got all four connected, like so:

Then take some ribbon and cut it the length of the heart plus room for a loop. Fold in half, and push both ends of the ribbon down between the heart from the center top, until it sticks out the other end. Then put double-sided tape on the outsides of both ribbon ends, so that the double sided tape sticks to itself and encases the ribbon ends. Slide it back up to the desired length of loop, and push the papers together to get the tape to stick.

And that's it. Hang it where you want it.


  1. So many cute things. Do you want to come decorate my house?

  2. Haha, I'm having such an adventure doing my OWN! But it would be a great chance to come see you! It's been forever!