Friday, February 8, 2013

Imagination Stinks Sometimes

Funny little anecdote this morning, even though I'm overloading the posting today. We got the "free car! Come see if this key unlocks the car" mumbo-jumbo ad in the mail a few days ago, and the nice mother that I am, I snatched the key before I threw the ad away and gave it to my daughter. She loves that it's a real-looking key, and has carried it around everywhere in the past few days. She treasures it (silly kid. I'm savoring the childlikeness of it). Today she closed her door and "locked" it and then set the key down to set the table for breakfast. And then after breakfast, she couldn't find her key anywhere!

I, being the sane adult, said, "oh well, go play, it'll turn up." And Ranger and she both look at me devastated! Then she says, "but Mom, I LOCKED my room. I can't go play! I can't get in!" Dad agrees. Locked is locked.

I couldn't help it, a smile snuck onto my face. I asked her if she locked herself out (something Ranger and I are both famous for), and she runs into her room to go look, comes out, closes the door that is "locked," and says, "it's not IN there!"

Once again, being the sane adult that I am, I milk it. "Maybe if you clean the table off, you'll find it. It DID go missing when you set the table." (I'm good!)

and lo and behold, there it is. Under a hot pad that is under another hot pad that is under the syrup.

For a kid who rarely uses her imagination (she's SO serious), it was priceless. I just don't want to forget this memory of her.

Happy Friday.

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