Monday, February 11, 2013

Its a Soapbox Kind of Day

I've had a lot of things festering lately, and I've held them in because no one wants to hear them, and I'm sick of the festering, so while I'm sitting here waiting for the Internet tech guy to be here an hour after he said he would, I'm going to vent. I'm warning you do that if you don't want to read my venting, you don't have to. I'll even put the break in it to save you from reading my rantings! So nice of me, huh? ;)

Why do we live in a world that if we're late for a doctor's appointment, we are just out of luck, but the doctor can keep us waiting all day?

Why do we live in a world where we must be tied to our houses for four hours waiting for a service repairman to show up when if we leave it for the one minute he decides to show up, we're stuck waiting for another week?

Why do the people who never go to the doctor still have to buy insurance, when those that have free government insurance go more than they need to?

Why do we let schools take away our children's agency when our parents and grandparents and American ancestors fought so hard for the right of freedom?

Why are we bickering about gun control when we're losing our agency in every other respect, too?

Why do we balk at the idea of formaldehyde and cyanide, but not at calcium disodium EDTA, which is derived from them? Or limestone that can cause erosion and deformation in our skin, and therefore our esophagus, stomach, and intestines, yet we eat it regularly? How can our trusted FDA allow such a thing? And we're still worried about lead paint. At least I don't eat the paint.

Why is actually cooking an entire meal and eating it together such a rarity?

Why aren't we allowed to teach our children how to work anymore without facing a child labor law infraction? It's not like the schools teach work.

Why can't our children get to embrace their differences instead of being told they must all learn the same thing at the same time and in the same way? Why does my turtle have to learn how to climb the tree? It didn't work for Einstein.

Why can't our children play tag and chase, but they can bully in the halls and tattle on their "friends?"

Why does the court system think duel-custody ever works? If it does, it's the exception.

Why is physical abuse recognized, but emotional abuse is proven to cause more damage and gets ignored by the courts?

Why are we still trying for equal when what we really want is fairness, justice, and mercy?

Why do we fight so much for feminine equality when they've proven women were happier before the suffrage movement? I am grateful for my rights, and that I CAN do anything that I need to do, but just because I can doesn't mean I should. I have just as much right to raise my kid as you have to send them to daycare. But it's worse than that. Now women are overworked and spread too thin, and men don't know who they are. Women aren't trying to be equal, they're trying to be both women and men. And if they're both, they're overwhelmed and men have no purpose. and then we wonder why they get drawn into addictions so easily.

Why do "minorities" get special privileges, when all it does is keep them segregated? We cannot be equal if we're still catering to a difference. We cannot embrace differences if we treat someone differently because of them.

Why do we allow so much smut on tv and say "that's just the way it is?" why do people still pay for programming when it's filth?

Why do we have to buy an entire package if we choose cable when we'd be happier with fewer channels? Why can't we pick and choose and avoid those stations that are full of filth?

Why are the public channels so awful, too?

Why do we allow shows in our home that the parents are idiots? Do you know what message it sends to our kids? And you really expect them to come to you in times of need? They think you're stupid! The tv told them so.

Why do we wait for the world to educate our kids instead of teaching them long before the world has a chance?

Why do we allow government to rule our children and call it "education?" and why do we hope that they'll grow up and believe they have any semblance of control? Why do we think they'll be able to fight for their rights if we never tell them they have any?

Why do we have an institution in place for our kids, when the kids hate it, the parents hate it, and the teachers hate it? Why aren't those 3 voices allowed to dictate? They're the only people affected, yet they're the people with no voices.

Why do we buy into so much false advertising from our government but sue food chains when they don't label their poison as "hot?" why are we still buying their poison, anyway?

Why are we letting the system rule us, when we should rule the system. I just don't get it! I've tried it their way. I was empty. I felt nothing. I was just a Cow being prodded into the next stall and the next one until its my turn to be slaughtered, for the good of the system. WE are bigger than the system. We have brains! Why can't we be allowed to use them?

I've commented before about how I love the one guy that stands up when Loki says we like to be ruled. But sometimes I think Loki is winning. We are losing our liberty. And we are doing it to thunderous applause. We see all the evil and we aren't stopping it! We're losing our rights in ways we didn't even know we had. And it's got to stop. But it won't. It can't until we remember that the system works for us, we don't work for the system.

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