Friday, February 15, 2013

Jesus Christ is Heavenly Father's Son

Purpose: To help family members understand who Jesus Christ is and how to follow Jesus’ example when they make their daily decisions.

Possible scriptures:Due to the nature of this lesson, the magnitude of scriptures makes it impossible to list or limit the choices to a decent list. Therefore, I leave it in the hands of the lesson preparer to research their own scriptures, and give only these 2: Doctrine and Covenants 110:4; Doctrine and Covenants 76:22-24;

Possible Songs: I’m Trying to Be Like Jesus, Children’s Songbook page 78; Jesus Said Love Everyone, Children’s Songbook page 61; Tell Me the Stories of Jesus, Children’s Songbook page 57; Teach Me to Walk in the Light, Hymn 304 or Children’s Songbook page 177; Come, Follow Me, Hymn 116; I Know that My Redeemer Lives, Hymn 136;

Possible Materials:He Lives” by the Apostles; As many pictures of the Savior as possible (Make full use of the Gospel Art Kit, especially this picture of Jesus at the temple). This booklet found on A Year of FHE ;or these flashcards by; or theseflashcards by Wordart with “What would Jesus Christ have me do?” on a small card.

Preparation: Begin with prayer. Ask yourself ­­­­­if you have a testimony of the Savior. If not, work on it this week. Think about the Savior’s life and ministry. Think about all He did for you and your family. Read the suggested scriptures, study some of your favorite scripture passages about the Savior, and any articles listed in Resources.
Children: look at pictures of Jesus. If there is a story that interests you, learn more about it. Watch the bible video about Jesus as a boy in the temple.


Introduction: Turn out all the lights in the house, or use a blindfold if it is still light. Ask one of the family members to perform a difficult task, such as writing a sentence on a piece of paper or finding several household items and putting them in one place. Then turn on the lights or remove the blindfold, and show how easily the same task can be done in the light. Have a family member read aloud John 8:12. Ask, “How is Jesus the Light of the World? (He is the one who lights our way.) How does he give us light? (He gave us his example and teachings.) Why is it easier to make the right decisions with the aid of Jesus’ light? (His examples and teachings light the way for us. We can see the paths we should take more clearly.)”

Discussion: Who is the Savior? How do we come to know Him? Discuss that he is our brother, a mortal son of God. Discuss characteristics and attributes of his life. Remind the family of the role he played in the Plan of Salvation that we learned about last week.

From the First Presidency: Watch this video as a family. Discuss the feelings that come from this video. It is truth, from men who know. Also discuss The Living Christ, paragraph by paragraph.
            Activity: print off the booklet from A Year of FHE (I’m kind of irked… it’s a copyright thing. She takes all credit for the work, and the coloring pages are from the friend… I’ll keep credit where it’s due, and thank her for her compilation, but know that these pictures come from The Church) or the flashcards from here.

From the New Testament: Read Luke 2:41-52; show the pictureof young Jesus at the temple. What “Father” is Jesus talking about? What is his Father’s business?

From the life of the Savior: Pick a few stories from the life of the savior, noting that there is an entire lesson on his mortal life in the coming weeks, as well as a Christmas and an Easter lesson. Discuss how everything he did was perfect and can be an example to us. Discuss his divine characteristics of love and loyalty, always doing the right thing, and serving others. Use pictures.
            Activity: For younger children, have them pick a picture, draw a story out of a basket, or some similar activity.

More from General Authorities: Read this talk by Elder Oaks and discuss what Christ has done for us, study the names of the Savior and his various roles by looking in the bible dictionary, and companion it with this talk by Elder Packer.

Further discussion: Discuss what it means to us that He lives again. How has He set the perfect example for us? What are some ways we can show Him how thankful we are? Discuss again how He is the perfect example for us, and that whenever we are unsure of what to do in our life, we can look to Him for answers. Come up with personalized scenarios and ask what Jesus would want a person to do in each circumstance. 

Challenge:  Hand out the little reminder cards and/or a CTR ring for each family. Invite each member to ask themselves what Jesus their older brother would have them do in problems that arise in their lives this week.  Tell them to write their most meaningful decision in their journal and be prepared to share one next week (it can be a less personal one if they would rather).

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