Wednesday, February 27, 2013

More tutorials?

I've started my St. Patrick's Day crafting! And it looks like it's going to be just as adventurous this time around. My internet is acting up again. We're going to switch companies. We've decided. But Ranger has some connections at the company we're going to switch with and they get a bonus if "they" sign us up, so we will end up taking the long way getting everything switched around.

Plus, although there's easily 17 projects TO DO for St. Patty's day, I don't know if I'm really excited about committing myself to 17 tutorials. It was kind of a pain to commit myself to 14 for V day. And my blog is for me, not for tutorials. I have been so much better at blogging this year because I put ME in charge and not the blog (weird dilemma, I know). It does give me something to do (You know, because moms aren't busy enough... I mean it gives me something FUN to do) and something to write about. So there will be some. But I'm not committing to how many. I have a life. My blog doesn't.

So... Yeah. That's where we stand. You know, in case it was weighing on your mind. I know it was...

Oh! And I decided to call them Pinch Day tutorials, even though that's the WORST part about St. Patrick's Day, because St. Patrick's Day is a long name and my daughter calls it Pinch Day. We'll work on the name and the reasons behind it when she's actually a homeschool kid, until then all public school will teach her about is the pinching and the mischievous leprechauns anyway and everything I say will get lost in translation. I can wait. I'll mean more next time.

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