Friday, February 15, 2013

True Love

I spent most of yesterday helping my best friend move. It's really bitter-sweet. She has been my lifeline this past few years, helping me put my past behind me and helping me embrace my future. I know she'll have huge opportunities with this move, it will create  better schooling options for her kids (she's a fellow homeschool mom, but she'll be in a big community with options), it will give them a fresh start (she's had a hard life lately). Better job, better life, better education options. Win win. But MAN, I don't want her to go!

Since I didn't have a date for V-day, I spent the whole day packing boxes and keeping Reta sane. It's amazing what another woman in a room can do when everyone else is all men. Just someone who thinks like you and who can understand those knowing looks of "men really are stupid."

Honestly, though, it was the best thing to do on a Valentine's Day. That's what it's truly all about: Love is serving others. It is sacrificing your desires without sacrificing yourself. It is being God's hands. And it is being a part of another's soul. She's the Mary to my Martha. She's the Betsie to my Corrie Ten Boom. She's the mercy to my justice.

Afterwards, I had a Valentine's Day party with a bunch of women who didn't have husbands home, either. It was so nice to be there, I was honored for the invite. These were REAL women. These were women who have had life handed to them on a dirty shovel instead of a silver spoon. These women had souls and knew truth. One was the bubbly sort, one was the nurturing sort. But all were real. God needs more women like that. 

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