Friday, February 1, 2013

Tulle Heart Wreath

{In order to kick off my holiday-festivities goal with a bang, I've decided to showcase a bit of our holiday cheer for each day in February. Then everyone can share in the love!}

Confession: In my oh-so-humble opinion, the heart shape never went so well with Tulle. The points vanish. I've just never been satisfied with the results.

But when you leave the afternoon's activities up to a seven year old, you have to let some things (like opinions) go. Especially when you're trying to make it fun and not so ... me. I'm pretty controlling and bossy, if you must know. I'm learning to let go a step at a time. And since this is supposed to be FUN, there's no room for controlling or bossy.

That being said, I think our front door wreath turned out pretty cute! Especially if you consider how anti-girly we both are!

Step 1: Gather supplies. Ours included some tulle in red pink and white (I wanted to use the gold and not the red, but this was vetoed. Somehow I got a traditionalist...); Cute flowers in whatever choice you pick (there's our non-girly yet sticking with the theme side. Teal - which just happens to be the seven year old favorite); and wire (some people use the foam heart form. I think it works better with the wire because you can make the points more pronounced. You know, so they show up. I'd love to say what kind and gauge, but the truth is... I don't know. Something still bendable, but something that will still hold its shape with our friend gravity. Ours is a scrap we had from another project that I unbent from the wad it was in and re-bent into a heart)

Step 2: bend your wire into a heart shape.  Ours is doubled up simply because I wanted to. I bet you could get away with just one thickness if you wanted to, but ours will be stronger because of it. It would all depend on the gauge of your wire, I suppose.

step 3: tutu tie it (that should be a technical term). P.S. Don't mind my computer-chicken scratch. My computer is having some hiccups and waiting to see a computer doctor. For some reason I can't open the font dialog box in paint and I don't dare start up GIMP as it makes my computer work too hard. Also, if you have an issue with the tulle wanting to come off of the center point, it's no big deal. We hot-glued the last one in order to hold the rest into place. It all depends on the shape of your heart and how you tied the tulle on.

Step 4: After you've tied your tulle all the way around, you can say you're done, or you can add something. We, of course, added a few flowers to give it a punch and make it our own. We glued it to the knots of tulle, so that it stayed where we wanted it to.


  1. Love this! It turned out so cute. I saw it when I drove by your house yesterday. Been thinking of you.

  2. Thanks Missy! That means a ton! I'm so grateful you're so genuine! Even though I never make it out to see you.