Thursday, February 7, 2013

Valentine Box

Although there are tons of cute mailboxes, and I'll probably decide to make a different one next year, we went for plain and simple this year. We followed this tutorial and used her pattern, but I wasn't totally satisfied, so I made my own template afterwards. I just free-handed it and then touched it up in paint (high tech, over here!) so it's still a bit raw. But as I'm not claiming to be any kind of pro, it works for me! You can make the long side of the walls a smidge wider, if you want, because it's a little short, but it wasn't enough to go in and fix it; and actually, it's semi-useful having them a bit smaller. 

First, select your paper and supplies.You'll need 2 different papers and a brad, as well as 2 small magnets.  It's best to use stiff paper that's not quite thick enough to be cardstock, but thick enough it'll hold its shape fairly well.

Here's our paper from following the Simply Modern Mom's tutorial, just so you get the idea. And our brad was a left-over from some Mickey Mouse scrapbooking.

Print off our template and cut out the pieces, then trace them onto your paper. Cut them out. The first page is for one color, the second page is for the contrasting color. Cut on solid lines, fold on dotted lines. Make sure to cut the solid line that is connected with the dotted, though. DON'T poke a hole where the brad goes, though. Trust me, it'll only complicate things. 

Then glue the flat piece around the edge of the piece with all the nips (labeled back, but really it's interchangeable), trying to get it centered. It's not super-urgent if it's centered. That's why you're not punching any holes for a brad yet.

Next, glue the door top onto the other side with all the nips in the same manner. Cut off the extras (they are there just to make it easier and not as necessary to center exactly. You're welcome (okay, I did it for me. I'm lazy). I tried just making it exact, and for some reason I could never get it to stay centered.

Glue the overhangs of the walls to the sides of the base

Here's why I said don't poke the brad hole until later...

My flag would have been way too low and on backwards.

NOW place the brad in the appropriate place, poking the hole with a pair of scissors (carefully), making sure that it's in the right direction and not backwards or upside down.

Correct flag placement.

Glue on the tab. Take a magnet and glue it to the inside of your box, then glue the second magnet onto the underside of the tab. I find it easiest to stick the one magnet to the box, and then set the other magnet on top of the box so that you know they match up, and then stick it to the tab where it is, so that it's in the appropriate spot. 


This is my box next to the one we made from the other tutorial. Just so you guys can compare.

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