Tuesday, February 12, 2013

What a Weekend

Sorry I'm behind on the crafty Valentine's Day posts. It's been a LOOOONG weekend. Ranger took me out on Friday since he wont be here in enough time to do any V-day festivities with me on Thursday, and I risked a restaurant. Didn't work. Barely touched my food and still got sick all weekend. And then his brother was in town, so once again, I was faced with the dilemma of going out to eat. But I thought I'd outsmart the allergies this time, so I called ahead to the restaurant. I had my whole menu worked out!

And then they changed restaurants. Luckily, to one I had already eaten at and knew something safe on the menu.

And then, very last minute, they changed it again. And this one, I was CLUELESS. So I had to make a fool of myself in front of his family by asking if there were any ingredients they couldn't pronounce in any of their dishes. They said I'd be safe with the ranch. It made my tongue numb. And I could only handle a few bites of spaghetti. I hate it. Ranger always comments on how I'm too thin and don't eat enough. He doesn't get that food kills me instead of keeping me alive.

So Saturday I was sick. And ONLY felt like blogging. Something productive and yet I didn't have to move any achy muscles in my body and I didn't have to talk with my sandpaper throat. And that's the day our internet crashes. So I have to call our internet provider, with my raspy throat. They tell me I'm not authorized for the account, call my husband on his dead-battery phone, wreck the internet even worse, and then say, "sorry, we're stumped." Thanks guys. That made the day better.

So I went all weekend without internet. Used tons of data on my phone and published the rough draft of the post I was working on to upload on Sunday before the internet crashed,  but I was glad I had something to post. Then Sunday night, Ranger's boss asks him if he's ready for the business trip he's supposed to be leaving for in a few hours. You know, the one he was supposed to not have to go to because he had asked for a bit of time off (FINALLY!). He reminded them he was supposed to be home, told them we had planned a Valentine's Dinner for Monday (Remember, Ranger's too busy for Thursday. And it was Family Home Evening, anyway).  And they guilt tripped him into it anyway. I was IRATE. They promised he'd be back by dinner, I said, "yeah, right, because you guys make sure he's here for the important events (he'd missed Christmas morning and the day we actually intended Christmas already, as well as a few other important events I had planned)."

 So then Monday I waited all day for the internet provider while preparing our amazing Valentine's dinner I'd mentally prepared for a whole month in hopes that Ranger might actually prove me wrong this time. Like he said he would and his boss promised. I worked my tail off. Seriously, the food was perfection (I'll show you). I said we'd be eating at 5. Then when I locked myself out of the house for an hour (seriously!) I pushed it back to 6:30. I never got the "groove" back, so it ended up taking a lot longer than that, still. At 8 I called Ranger to see where he was at, because he still wasn't home. Hadn't even left to come home yet. 5 hours away. I was beyond irate, now. I just spent all day cooking. Everyone said he'd be home. And now it was all wasted.

At least I can share it all with you.

I'll try not to be bitter about it in the posts...

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