Thursday, March 21, 2013

Easter Printables


There are really some nice Easter printables available. I confess, though, that the coolest one I've found is not available online. My friend made it herself.

This one takes a close second, however.
It's available in multiple colors. 

Here is something a little more simple.
It can be found at

And I really like this one, even though I really try to keep Easter about Christ.
It's kind of funny, and I'd love it if I didn't have something better to celebrate at Easter. 
It's found over at Landee See Landee Do

I also like the cuteness factor on these cards. I know it's cliche, but "somebunny" still seems cute and childlike to me, for some reason. 
Bloom Design has it as a pay-it-forward goody basket, but honestly, I just like the card/tag.

As far as a good, all-around printable goes, I like this one from Darling Vintage. 

And I love these little chickies, but they're not free. 
They are $4.80 over at Mibo Studio. Honestly, they're pretty cool. Almost (almost) worth the price. Maybe I'll find away to make my own. 

There's a ton of printables at
I can't make up my mind as to whether these two are my favorites I've found there.

And after all that craftiness, there's still time for a matching game.
Something just speaks happiness to me in this particular matching game. I found it at Modern Parents Messy Kids. Exactly how many matching games is too many? Because I've probably exceeded it...

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