Wednesday, March 13, 2013

It's harder that way

This morning we were having rice for breakfast (there was much rejoicing from my visiting brother and much weeping and wailing from my pancake-loving kid). I got a nifty little cinnamon sugar grinder a while back and we never remember to use it, so I decided it'd be a nice treat. The pancake-lover was having some difficulty, though. She asked, "Mom, what way am I supposed to twist it? Nothing comes out." I told her she was twisting it backwards. And she says, "but Mom, it's harder that way." I couldn't help but think that was profound. How many times in life do we crank the grinder the wrong way in hopes that something will come of it, just because the other way actually takes work? We can twist and twist things the wrong way, exhaust our energy and motivation, and still get nothing, all because it is easier to twist it the wrong way instead of the productive way.

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