Friday, March 15, 2013

Jesus Came to Earth FHE

Purpose: To share, as a family, special experiences in Christ’s life. To draw closer as a family to the Savior who came to Earth and lived among his brethren and sisters.  We cannot have a testimony of Jesus Christ if we do not know Him. 

Possible scriptures:Spend this week studying the scriptures contained in Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, paying close attention to Luke 2:40;  

Possible Songs: When Jesus Christ Was Baptized, Children’s Songbook page 102; Jesus Loved the Little Children, Children’s Songbook page 59; I’m Trying to Be Like Jesus, Children’s Songbook page 78; Jesus Once Was a Little Child, Children’s Songbook page 55; Tell Me the Stories of Jesus, Children’s Songbook page 57; Come Follow Me, Hymn 116; Our Savior’s Love, Hymn 113; Master, the Tempest is Raging, Hymn 105; Far, Far Away on Judea’s Plains, Hymn 212

Possible Materials: I think this bookmark is pretty perfect! Also, any pictures from the life of the Savior as found in the New Testament. I highly suggest watching Finding Faith in Christ. If it will help your family, consider making a timeline of Christ’s life, including events such as his birth, fleeing to Egypt, his trip to the temple, the wedding of Cana, when he began his ministry, when he called his disciples, his triumphal entry, the last supper, the atonement, and the crucifixion.

Preparation: Begin with prayer. Ask yourself ­­­­­how you would have felt to be alive at the time of our Savior and see Him in person. Read the suggested scriptures and any articles listed in Resources.
Children: Print off the bookmark found above, and assemble it to use as a guide to teach your family about Jesus and his Life. Make sure you know the stories. Then watch the videos about Jesus as a boy and any other videos you’d like to learn more about involving Jesus’ life on earth.  


Introduction: Ask the family who is Jesus Christ? What did he do and why was he important? How did he come to earth? What did he teach? Have the family share their favorite stories of when Christ was alive on Earth. Ask the questions “What think ye of Christ?” and “But whom say Ye that He is?”

Discussion: Discuss how every prophet before Christ testified that he would come and that every prophet since Christ has testified that he did come.

Ask the family if Jesus ever made any mistakes. Discuss that Jesus was always doing the work of Heavenly father. Remind them of the story of the boy Jesus at the temple, and discuss how Jesus was baptized even though he had never done anything wrong, because he wanted to keep ALL of God’s commandments.

Then talk about how Jesus loved everyone, even those that did not love him. He taught us how we can love other people and serve them. He loved those that other people didn’t like, and spent time with them.
·         Read John 3:16.  Talk about how Jesus loved us so much he came to earth in order to help us.
·         Read Matthew 22:36–39. Discuss that Christ summed up everything we need to do into 2 big rules: Love God and Love the people.
·         Read Matthew 25:35–46. Talk about how Christ performed miracles out of love, and then said that if we serve other people, we also show love to God.
·         Read Matt. 5:3–12. Talk about how Christ loved us by teaching us about love.
·         Read Luke 23:34. Talk about how Christ also loved those who hurt him.
·         Read Doctrine and Covenants 19:16. Discuss how Christ suffered for our sins out of love.
·         Read John 15:13–14. Discuss how Christ paid the ultimate price and died for us that we may live again.

From the scriptures: Due to the nature of this lesson and its magnitude, pick your favorite story (preferably saving his birth, death, baptism, the atonement, and his parables for other lessons, as they are already included therein) from the New Testament and share it with your family.

Further discussion: For older children, discuss what it means to be the only begotten, how Christ was both mortal and divine, and how that allowed him to suffer for our sins.

Bear your testimony of Jesus Christ and how you feel about His time on Earth.

Challenge: Throughout the week, find opportunities to serve and love others, in the name of the Savior. For younger children, you could give them a token that they can leave in as a sign that they served (it also acts as a visual reminder that they are challenged to serve others).

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