Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Rainbow gifts

In an effort to celebrate St. Patty's day to its fullest, and to go with our clovers, we made little rainbow bags of candy. Interestingly, the local grocery store and Winco have plenty of produce, but not nearly enough variety in junk. Walmart, however made up for it in droves. Sometime let me tell you about why Walmart makes me afraid for humanity.

But back to the matter at hand. All it takes to make rainbow treat bags are rainbow treats, gold coins or gold-wrapped candies (Rollos or the individual-wrapped Reeses cups), and treat bags. We used the pretzel bags and they worked great for everything but the licorice.

Since we couldn't find a different bag that worked, and as I'm a cheapskate anyway, we just split them into 2 bags. Works for me.

To start, put the gold candy in the bottom of the treat bags. Then sort the rainbow candies and start with purple and work your way up. Roy G. Biv. Except it's backwards, so it's Vib G. Yor.

Pretty simple.

P.s. if we doorbell ditched your kids, pretend you don't see this post. ;)

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