Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Shame & Empathy by Dr. Brené Brown

"If I could tell the world one thing then it would be, we're all okay."

I wish that I could single-handedly reprogram the world and teach them that shame is caustic. It is deadly.  It kills people, it kills relationships, it kills religion. It is not of God. He does not parent using shame. Shame removes agency. It removes responsibility. It removes the atonement. It removes love. I know one  very powerful and persuasive being who wishes to destroy all of this, and honestly, He is not my friend. He is not my mentor. He hurts.

This subject has been weighing on my mind heavily lately. I have not compiled all of my thoughts into a beautiful article, yet, but I'm studying it. Be prepared for a big bold loud statement when I get my words together.

Until then, Listen to Brene. She's amazing.

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