Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Man Behind Easter

While working on FHE lessons that focus on the Savior, as well as thinking of all the things I just didn't have time for this Easter, I wanted to keep track of some of my favorite Easter activities that discuss the last week of the savior's life. Some start 14 days early, some a week, some are all contained into one lesson. I found them all too good to forget about.

I found this one at Prepared Not Scared.

 This is from Missionary Mail
Here is a nice thorough 14 day walk with Christ that includes activities to go along with it. It is more than Christ's last week, like I was considering, but it's AMAZING! 

 My mom always did something along the lines of this next one. That makes it dear to my heart. It is from What These Hands Do.

I know that all of these are done in Easter egg form, but I've also seen a punch-through tissue paper version (though the link is gone, so I don't want to post the picture).

And of course, there is a simple version provided by The Friend at LDS.ORG

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