Wednesday, April 24, 2013


So it's been brought to my attention (more like I've been put on trial in Salem) that one of my posts can be misinterpreted. When I discuss blame and shame, and a being (emphasis on BEING and not person or man or human) that is not my friend and whom I hate, I was not speaking of anyone with flesh and bones. If one were to analyse my character, they would know that I don't even use those strong of words about my ex-husband! However, Satan ... Satan has little of my respect. He has not ever proven to be my friend. It is Satan who wants me to feel worthless about myself and like I will never succeed. Because then he has won. And I am not on that side of the fight. I'm on the Lord's side. Interpreting blame and shame into my words, therefore, is adding shame that I never intended.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spring Printables


There's a long time between Easter and Mother's Day this year, so I decided to decorate for spring, too. Usually I can make up my mind which printable I want, but this time, I am having trouble picking just one.

there's this one  by Debbiedoos. It's cute  but a bit too much going on for me.

I like this one by Craftionary, but the colors are wrong. 

And this one is too bright. But fun. It's by A Little Crafting.

I LOVE the colors in this one, but I'm worried it's too April-y and not enough Spring-y because of the quote? I found it over at as part of a link-up with 11 others.

I really like this quote! I guess my holdup is that it's too pastel? Can't find anything wrong with it really. That's the dilemna! It's by Landee See Landee Do. She keeps creeping up a lot in the printable world...

I really like the balance in this one... It's getting harder and harder to find something to narrow down my choices. This one is by Blissful Keeper at Home

I like the quote. And the simplicity of this one. It's by Tales of the Scotts

This one sums up my feelings exactly. The choices are green, pink, or yellow. But I am NOT a yellow fan. And I have a pink Subway art for both Easter and Mother's day in mind, so green it is. Actually, green is my favorite anyway. It's by Hairbrained Schemes, but I found it at Thursday Night Dinner. 

I think I might pick this one, though. A bit of all of the others that I love in a fun and fresh way. It's hard to decide, though. This one is by  36th Avenue