Wednesday, April 24, 2013


So it's been brought to my attention (more like I've been put on trial in Salem) that one of my posts can be misinterpreted. When I discuss blame and shame, and a being (emphasis on BEING and not person or man or human) that is not my friend and whom I hate, I was not speaking of anyone with flesh and bones. If one were to analyse my character, they would know that I don't even use those strong of words about my ex-husband! However, Satan ... Satan has little of my respect. He has not ever proven to be my friend. It is Satan who wants me to feel worthless about myself and like I will never succeed. Because then he has won. And I am not on that side of the fight. I'm on the Lord's side. Interpreting blame and shame into my words, therefore, is adding shame that I never intended.

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