Saturday, June 15, 2013

Father's Day Printables

You caught me... I'm super behind. Actually, I'm not super-behind, I'm just too busy to do the holiday festivities, so I've been in no rush. I'm JUST BARELY getting to Father's Day stuff and it's tomorrow. Hence no time for creativity. Hence, here's the printables I'll probably use instead of just steal ideas from...

If I wanted to spend $$, I'd send these to my dad. They're definitely his style. You can buy them at Alexa Zurcher's Etsy shop.

I absolutely LOVE these! I think they're a must from Mr. Printables

I like this quote, but I don't think it fits our family just Yet. I'm saving the idea for later. I found it at Shanty-2-chic

I love these ties by Amanda's Parties to Go (here's her website). I wish I had bothered looking before my printing center closed because I decided it was cheaper just to have things printed for me than to keep buying ink (it's true, too, for most things), and the prints are better that way. 

And I think that this printable will go in my frame. It comes from That's What Che Said.

I like this set of printables, especially because the frame art has deeper meaning for our family. ;c) From 36th avenue. Maybe IT should go in the frame instead? Decisions, decisions. 

I just printed this book off for Little Miss to print. Thank heavens it was simple. Thanks, Eighteen25. She's always got nice printables.

I would love to do something like this fish bucket, but I'm afraid I'm out of time. It comes from Lil Luna.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these colors (I think I've used that word a bit too much. But these are pretty cute).The set comes with candy wrappers, too. By Lauren McKinsey Designs

There's also this option. It reminds me of what I wanted to do for my dad... next year... that says "Grandpa's 'stache." This idea comes from My Sister's Suitcase (not my sister, though).

Same song, different printable... Found at Holiday Snobs.

Maybe next year I'll be this creative... It's so fun! The idea comes via Kaminski's Creations.

I'll even tie it in with these! They come from the Workman Family. Perfect. I'm set.. for next year...

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