Tuesday, July 30, 2013


I've had the results from the Praxis for a couple weeks, but I haven't posted. It seemed that everything I was writing was coming out negative, and I took my mother's advice on letter writing and stepped back for a bit. You know, because I am good at taking breaks from blogging. ;c)

But the results are in, and I just wanted to share! First, let me give you some points of reference:

  • To become a teacher in my state, I need a passing score of 143. 
  • ETS (The test administrators) deem anything above a 181 to be worthy of their own elite honors program. 
I got 177. Four points shy of honors! 

The problem I was having was what to do with that information. But I think I know my course of action now. I have one more avenue I'm going to try, and then I'll resign myself to my fate. It'll be set in motion halfway through the month, and I'll know by the time school starts. Let's face it, though, it's a pretty slim chance. But, it's in God's hands. I needed the Praxis for something, so eventually I'll understand it. 

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